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Numb feet? Itchy Heels? Or maybe your looking got the right tools for your next home pedicure. We've got you covered.

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9 Proven Ways to Remove Dead Skin on Your Feet

By nickpalm | Aug 18, 2020

A common complaint and concern is the sudden or chronic appearance of dead skin on your feet. By understanding the causes and, more importantly, the treatments to deal with these skin conditions, you can ward off even the most uncomfortable and unsightly foot problems. Dead Skin on Feet Dealing with dead skin on feet, also […]

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books, feet, legs

11 Best Foot Peel Masks For Dry, Cracked Feet

By nickpalm | Aug 16, 2020

Are your feet summer-ready? We hand-picked the absolute best foot peels to give you baby-soft skin for sandal season. The best part is there’s no rubbing, scraping, or grating involved in getting rid of calluses and scaly skin. Pop one of these masks on, give it a few minutes, and see the dead skin sloughing […]

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